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Top 10 Maintenance Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Today, Maintenance managers perform a highly complex range of tasks. Both the productivity and generation of value within asset intensive organizations depend on effective maintenance management programs as well as efficient maintenance delivery.

As such their role is complex and diverse, requiring continuous long and short-term trade-offs of production, asset integrity, human resources, safety and commercial considerations, all of which impact on one or more functional areas across the organization. One of the challenges facing the modern maintenance manager is to increase the operational efficiency of the organization and reducing unscheduled downtime by implementing maintenance management programs that appropriately balance preventive, predictive, corrective and replacement options.

In addition, establishing a collaborative work model, in which information can be shared in real time about completed tasks, breakdowns, procedures, expiration dates, etc., is one of the essential challenges of modern maintenance management. Despite the best forward planning, unplanned equipment failures are an ever-present reality, requiring maintenance managers to also be prepared for appropriate contingency management when these do happen. While the incorporation of an effective reactive maintenance response capability forms an integral part of any well-balanced maintenance program, the challenge for maintenance managers is to identify appropriate response / execution options and strategies. Further, a particularly challenging area involves the optimization of MRO parts inventory and costs. On the one hand it is vital to have all the parts, and materials necessary to carry out maintenance tasks, without delaying urgent maintenance tasks.

The coordination and monitoring of the maintenance work groups, the assignment of tasks, meetings with vendors and distributors, answering questions, doubts and emails, schematizing work plans and maintenance, and even reacting to all kinds of unforeseen situations, are just Some of the multiple tasks that every maintenance manager must face every day. The organization, prioritization and execution of each of these activities involve the handling of large amounts of information, immediate access to documents, diagrams and photos, and the ability to share them with the different members of the work team, facilitating the function of each one, and guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the work. All this makes the efficient management of time, becomes a daily challenge for the maintenance manager.

We present to you, “Top 10 Maintenance Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Maintenance Management Consulting/Service Companies

  • CBRE | FacilitySource, is the only single-source, tech-driven IFM solution. They focus their work and time on revamping facility performance through rich data analysis. The company’s model was designed with over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience. It’s the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, and street-proven portfolio of facility products and services. By focusing on work-flow with their leading CMMS software, they can decrease maintenance costs for our clients. Each component of their full IFM solution helps streamline the maintenance process, show areas for improvement, decreasing operating costs, and more

  • Preventive Maintenance Services Company (PMSC), provides best-in-class building maintenance services with architectural and structural maintenance, budget assistance, electrical and mechanical services, project management, building operations, and life safety and security. Their BPS (Building Professional Services) division strengthens the O&M (Operations & Management) contracts and provide improved facility management operations through developing, monitoring, and implementing specific programs and procedures. BPS Engineers, with their multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience, verify facility systems to meet every client requirement. The BPS division of PMSC augments the success of O&M contracts by supplementing all the options available to the O&M team to resolve any emerging challenges.

  • WSC brings value to businesses by helping client's understand the software capabilities of delivering advanced analytics of automatically-collected data versus manual data collection and analyses. By guiding them on the sensors that effectively detect failure modes, the company enables companies to make informed decisions about maintenance requirements. Leveraging decades of collective experience, WSC’s experts assist clients in making prudent investments and deploy AM and ER programs and new technologies. The company follows a five-step approach to engage with the clients

  • Aleut Management Services

    Aleut Management Services

    Aleut Management Services is a premier provider of operations and maintenance, logistics, engineering, information technology, training and education, and construction services to a range of state and government agencies. Aleut Management Services is home to a diversified holding of companies committed to providing ethical and unwavering customer service by delivering exceptional value and exceeding customer expectations. AMS aspires to conduct its business in accordance with uncompromising ethical standards. The firm believes that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of their business

  • AST Group

    AST Group

    The company’s solutions provide maritime and land businesses with mission-critical voice and high-speed data communications anywhere in the world. With over 25 years of experience in delivering satellite communications services, AST is a trusted global satellite communications equipment supplier of end-to-end remote communication solutions. The company provides a comprehensive range of terminals and devices, high quality voice and data connectivity. AST’s unique enabling services such as INTEGRA, IRIS, iRAMS and MyASTPortal empower their customers to optimize their operations, make informed decisions quicker and reduce their costs

  • Modular Mining

    Modular Mining

    Modular Mining provides the most complete lineup of mine management solutions on the market. Modular Mining has revolutionized the mining industry with a groundbreaking product: the DISPATCH Fleet Management system. Through ruggedized hardware and innovative software unlike anything the mining industry had ever seen, this new technology optimized the haulage cycle to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency for open pit mines. The DISPATCH system’s global success served as a springboard for further innovation, leading to the development of Modular’s IntelliMine suite

  • Park Place Technologies

    Park Place Technologies

    Park Place Technologies’ suite of offerings includes ParkView, their automated monitoring platform, which integrates its exceptional 24/7 global customer service and advanced engineering through a single pane of glass, to deliver immediate and intelligent responses to maintenance needs. Park Place Technologies offers a smarter way to monitor, support and optimize your digital infrastructures. Maximize your investment, drive costs down, and extend asset life with our cost-effective, availability-centric approach

  • Retif Oil & Fuel

    Retif Oil & Fuel

    Retif Oil & Fuel provides outstanding services to help customers run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Over the years the firm has focused on leading the way when it comes to new technology and innovative ways to improve their customers’ experience. Retif Oil & Fuel is one of the largest family owned fuel and lubricants distributor in the southeast. The firm takes great pride in their commitment to safety – both for their people and the environment. Not only do they provide commodity fuel and oil products, but also the services, preventative maintenance, and consulting that keeps their customers running efficiently

  • Sabre Industries, Inc

    Sabre Industries, Inc

    Raising the bar with their industry-leading, state-of-the-art facilities and their continuous focus on integrating automation technologies Sabre Industries earns their customers’ trust by providing unmatched custom solutions, delivering on commitments and building long-term relationships. The firm's services include turnkey construction, site development, modifications and maintenance, interior integration, generators, HVAC maintenance, full scale structure testing and hot-dip galvanizing. The firm is passionate about creating custom solutions that exceed expectations and deliver critical infrastructure necessities for their communities

  • Tilson


    Tilson provides network deployment and information system professional services to telecom, construction, utility and government clients. As a leading network design, build, and operating firm, Tilson builds high-performing technology project teams who take on the largest and most impactful information infrastructure projects in the country. Recognized ten consecutive years on the Inc. 5000, Tilson provides network development and information infrastructure professional services to telecom, construction, utility and government clients